Services, products and processes: Hranko Ltd. knows that success is based on high QUALITY services and products. Responsibility, innovation and use of cutting-edge tehnolgiy are guiding philosophy for high quality products, services and processes. This philosophy is supported by a continuous, ongoing process improvement and strive to provide timely, reliable and professional services of each department of the company.

Quality Policy


Direct communication with consumers, which combined with constant study of new trends provides us with an adequate role in market dynamics. Customer satisfaction on assigned work through high quality services. Increasing the efficiency of the services offered in the introduction of favorable financial processes and methods that would lead to prevent possible mistakes We guarantee to our customers that we comply with international and domestic regulatory requirements applicable to our business. Providing a comfortable working environment and for our specialists, and advanced to meet the obligations of their equipment. Practical expression to the realization of the company policy was to implement a system of quality management according to ISO 9001:2008. With the introduction of the QMS, we set the following objectives define an obligation for the management and the entire staff of the company: Studying and applying the principles and methods developed and implemented quality system. Accurate and complete definition and implementation of the rights and obligations of staff. Supplies of safe and effective organization in all areas of our business. Creating an environment of increased accountability for the quality of its products and services through the implementation of the principle of commitment to the performance of the company. Improving the profitability of their operations through analysis of the equipment and ensure its resources, planning and implementing organizational improvements to minimize the auxiliary and low productivity activities. Installing the forefront of the precautionary principle based on a systematic analysis and resolution of problems. Immediate response by each contributor in case of deviations, failures and shortcomings affecting both its operation and management system of the company as a whole. Involvement lasting of our suppliers in the process improvement by optimizing and increasing requirements for quality of their products. Expanding the range of services and enhance the market presence of the company in terms of quantitative metrics. Compliance to health and safety in accordance with national and international standards. In this connection, will be required of all employees of the company to exercise in their daily work professionalism, technological discipline and responsibility to strictly comply with the requirements stipulated in the document management system and actively contribute to its development. Senior management is committed to provide all necessary resources for the implementation and continuous improvement of the quality policy outlined to transform it into an active principle of management.


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